Adam D'epliante


Adam D'epliante
Name: Adam D'epliante
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Gregg Sulkin
Agent: Heather Blastnine
Birthday: August 2, 1995 (19)
History: Adam was born in London, England. He grew up in a traditional and classy family. They encouraged him to be in musicals and plays, but when he told them he wanted to be on television, they were shocked. They did not accept his career choice, but they took him to see a talent scout. The man loved him, and recommended him to go to California and pursue his dream, along with a reference to a manager he had close ties with. And it went on from there.
Quote: Being traditional doesn't mean you're being boring. - Pursuing a dream is like chasing a rainbow. It never ends, and you have fun on your journey.