To make an actor, please first read the rules. Here is a list of rules that are mainly for creating actors:

Actor Creation Rules

  • You cannot have 5 more actors of one gender than the other.
  • You cannot post inappropriate pictures of your actors.
  • Do not create an actor page if your actor has not been approved.
  • Wikilodeon will not give you much advertisement for your songs if you are not signed with Wikilodeon. You can make songs, but you don't have to pitch them. But we recommend being signed, so we could advertise your music.
  • Please try not to use face claims being used on Wiki Channel. Chloe has provided some places to find face claims.

Creating Actors/Actresses

  • First go to Board:Actor Request, and follow the directions.
  • Once your Actor/Actress/Singer etc. has been approved follow the directions below.
  • Note: Source mode should be used when creating the Actor/Actresses page. 
  1. After you have finished reading the rules, go to the  Actor Request page and follow the instructions.
  2. After your request has been approved, Create a page titled: Your Actor/Actress Name.
  3. On Your Actor/Actresses page, copy the following code onto the page and fill it in:
| Image = 
| backgroundcolor =
| Bordercolor = 
| Color1 = 
| Name              = 
| Gender            = 
| Face Claim        =
| Username          =
| Agent Name        =(any random name)
| Birthday          =(birthday and age)
| History           =(actors history)
| Trivia            = 
| Contract          =
| Pictagramtextcolor = (Purple etc.)
| Pictagramname     =
| Numberofposts     = 
| posts: ={{Scroll box|height=200px|content=
<gallery bordercolor="#000000" bordersize="none" captiontextcolor="#ffffff" captionalign="center" captionposition="within" orientation="square" position="center">
(image names such as: Zara.jpg; no parameters)
| LastQuote         = 
| FirstQuote        =