Pim Lockheart


Pim Lockheart
Name: Pim Lisa Lockheart
Gender: Female
Agent: Pim Leigh
Birthday: February 24, 2000
History: Pim was born on February 24, 2000 about a minute after her twin sister. Soon at the age of nine months she was casted into the comedy sitcom Huge House. The show ended when she was around 9 years old. Then she began starring in small movies like Billboard Dad, It takes two. A few months ago she decided to join Wikilodean hoping for more roles and can't wait.
Trivia: She has a twin

This Contract States That Wikilodeon™, has Signed Pim Lockheart to either Lodeon Records, Lodeon Magazine ,or Wikilodeon! This Contract has been finalized by the Admins. The Holder of this contract agrees to follow the rules and Policies given, and Will try there hardest for Wikilodeon™.

Quote: "be careful what you wish for" - "Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all"