Hey! As you guys must have noticed, I'm making a social network called Deed Online. It's not rivaling MattWilliams247's Pictagram. I'll be posting how to use this, and then you can tell your opinions. (Sorry the reply template looks weird. )

Making Your Celeb's Deed Online Account

This is to make the Deed Online account. You title it Deed Online: ACTOR'S NAME. (Make sure to put first and last name.) (Example:Deed Online:Macy Jingle) Make sure to select a blank page on all of these.

 {{Deed Online
 |Image = profile picture,no [[File:]] Ex.Deed.jpg
 |Numberofposts = number of posts your character has made
 |textcolor = color of text
 |Username = username of your celebrity
 |posts = see the [[Deed Manual]] (not made yet)
 |User Name = username of your celebrity
 |Numberoffollowers = see the [[Deed Manual]] (not made yet)
 |Followers = 
 |The Username = of your celebrity
 |Following = number they are following
 |numberofphotos =
 |Photos = see manual

How To Post

So, your celeb wants to post something? Maybe on news on her upcoming album, or his role on his show? Or maybe to give out some celebrity gossip. Here's how! 

To make the post, you must make sure to remember to add that to your number of posts. (Ex. you had zero, made a post, change it to 1!)

You title the page Template:ACTORSpeech. You do not have to add the last name. (example:MacySpeech)

You copy and paste this:

 |actor name = 
 |    <br> (actor name)
 |''{{{2}}}'' (this will be the date)
To use this, you go to the posts section and put:

How to Reply to Posts

So you wanna comment on someone's post? You came to the riiiiight place!

You title the page Template:ACTORReply. Copy this:

 |{{{1}}} (leave that there)
 |actor name = 
 |    <br> (Actor Name)
 |''{{{2}}}'' (leave that there)

You use it basically just like the speech template.

How to Put Photos

You may have noticed that there is a Photo's tab. The way to use it is simple.

You make a page called Template:ACTORPhotos.

You then copy and paste this:

<gallery bordercolor="white" bordersize="none" captiontextcolor="green" captionalign="center" captionposition="within"" position="center">
Image.jpg (erase that)

Then you just put that template in the Photos bar.


To follow somebody, you add to the number of followers bar on their page, then post

{{ACTOR NAME}} (Last name included)


To make the template, you simply do this.

[[File:IMAGE|link= Deed Online: ACTOR NAME|left]]