Hi guys! I've made this blog post to put down some ideas you have for the wiki! Admins put down their ideas, and also put down non-admins' ideas down. Make sure to give credit! When an idea is written in first person, ('my', 'I', 'me'... ) It will usually be me, unless that person has specified that it is someone else talking.
  1. A resume template. I've mentioned this once or twice before, I'll try to make one to show you guys, and give you more details.
  2. So Matt and I have talked about this, I've also wanted to hear your opinions. I came up with the idea for there to be a poll(s) on the bottom of movie pages, show pages, and song pages! (or maybe in a tabber) For shows: Every week it will ask if you watched the premiere of the most recent episode, (you, the user decide. If you weren't on the computer at that time you can put you missed it, whatever you want.) It will ask you for your opinions on different things that relate to the show. The show creators can put and think of their polls, but the admins also have to supervise the polls.For movies:It will ask if you watched the premiere, and your opinion(s). That might decide if the movie gets a sequel or not.
  3. I've mentioned this to Matt and Chloe. As you probably know, we have Lodeon Magazine. I thought it would be cool if we could 'subscribe' to the magazine. You send your 'application' to an admin, and they'll put you in the list. Then, we make a template that says "Here is the new issue of Lodeon Magazine!" with the link to the newest issue, and post it on each of the subscribers' walls.